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The Superhero Genre in RPGs

November 19th, 2013 | Posted by DMSamuel in Podcast Episode

Welcome to the 20th episode of the Play On Target podcast (PLOT for short). This episode features a discussion about the Superhero Genre in RPGs.  Which Superhero RPG is best for new players and GMs? Which game is more crunchy? Which is more rules-lite? Which allows you to make your own special super hero? Which allows you to play your favorite comic book hero? Is the Superhero Genre immune to advances in technology (in terms of story)? What does a Superhero Genre game bring to the table that other games don’t bring? How easy is it to get into Superhero genre RPGs if a player isn’t familiar with the tropes of the Supers Universes? We ask all these questions and many more! We hope you enjoy listening to the discussion. Did we get anything wrong? Let us know in the comments or start a discussion on RPG Geek.

Links to things mentioned in this episode:
You can contact us at Hosts@PlayOnTarget.com or you you can send us a private geekmail on the RPGGeek website; our usernames are lorddillon (Sam), Vaklam (Brian), edige23 (Lowell), and MasterGeek (Andrew). You can also follow us on Twitter @PlayOnTarget

The music played at the beginning and end of the podcast is Dance of Fire – Bolero in A minor by Sinfonia Electronique. You can find more great music on the podsafe music network at music.mevio.com. The d20 logo is by the awesome Joe Kundlak, a.k.a. joeyeti on RPG Geek.

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