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Post-Apocalypse RPGs

April 6th, 2016 | Posted by vaklam in Podcast Episode - (0 Comments)

Welcome to the 57th regular episode of the Play On Target podcast (PLOT for short). It’s the end of the world as we know it. Save vs. radiation poisoning! Post-apocalypse settings have been around nearly as long as there have been RPGs. This episode focuses on what makes a good post-apocalypse game and just how broad the definition of the term is.

What’s your favorite P-A game? Tell us in the comments or start a discussion on RPG Geek.

Things mentioned in this episode:
  1. Gamma World
  2. Aftermath
  3. Paranoia
  4. Dark Sun (athas.org)
  5. Apocalypse World
  6. Deadlands
  7. Twilight 2000 (DriveThruRPG)
  8. The Morrow Project
  9. History of Post-Apocalypse RPGs (Age of Ravens)
  10. Torchbearer
  11. The World of Tank Girl
  12. Mutant Future
  13. Rifts
  14. The TORG Wiki
  15. Hell On Earth
  16. Mutant Year Zero
  17. Numenera
  18. Microscope
  19. Dystopia Rising
  20. Rotted Capes
  21. Dogs in the VIneyard
  22. And The Children Shall Lead (Star Trek Episode)
  23. Yellow Submarine
  24. Mad Max Films
  25. Falling Skies
  26. Night of the Comet
  27. A Canticle for Leibowitz
  28. Wasteland
  29. Autoduel
  30. Car Wars
  31. On The Beach
  32. The Last Canadian
  33. The Postman
  34. Fallout
  35. The Book of Eli
  36. The Road
  37. The Quiet Year
  38. The War Against the Chtorr
  39. Midnight
  40. Cthulhu Apocalypse
  41. Deluge

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The music played at the beginning and end of the podcast is Dance of Fire – Bolero in A minor by Sinfonia Electronique. You can find more great music on the podsafe music network at music.mevio.com. The d20 logo is by the awesome Joe Kundlak, a.k.a. joeyeti on RPG Geek.

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