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How to be a Better GM

December 19th, 2013 | Posted by DMSamuel in Podcast Episode

This is the 22nd episode of the Play on Target podcast! This episode features a discussion about how to be a better GM. We talk about how cringe-worthy it would be for us to listen to a recording of our earliest games! We then discuss the things on which we personally need to improve. We also help each other talk through various issues in an attempt to provide new perspectives on the issues. We also mention 10-12 solid tips for the GM to use to make sure they run a top-notch game. We talk about this with a wide range of games and play styles in mind. We hope you enjoy listening to the discussion. Did we get anything wrong? Did we leave out anything? Did we miss an obvious tip or common problem? Let us know in the comments or start a discussion on RPG Geek.

You can contact us at Hosts@PlayOnTarget.com or you can send us a private geekmail on the RPGGeek website; our usernames are lorddillon (Sam), Vaklam (Brian), edige23 (Lowell), and MasterGeek (Andrew). You can also follow us on Twitter @PlayOnTarget

The music played at the beginning and end of the podcast is Dance of Fire – Bolero in A minor by Sinfonia Electronique. You can find more great music on the podsafe music network at music.mevio.com. The d20 logo is by the awesome Joe Kundlak, a.k.a. joeyeti on RPG Geek.

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3 Responses

  • Talking about disadvantages and feeling guilty about actually enforcing them…

    Brian, I know you have had people in your games that actually want those to be included. They are a major part of the character and the fun of playing them. I think just about every character I have played in your games had something along those lines and others had things as well. So while this is just an example don’t assume your players are just looking for points, they may actually want to have the challenge. This requires knowing you players of course.

    • Excellent point, Jeff, especially about knowing your players.

      Yeah, with you guys I knew that most of you wanted the disads to actually come into play. Your most recent Amber character’s story couldn’t have happened without all of them.

      I think that with players who are unfamiliar to you, it’s best to let them know up front that that if their character sheet has a phobia or someone who’s hunting them, that it will show up down the road.

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