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Games Ahead of Their Time

July 20th, 2016 | Posted by vaklam in Podcast Episode

Welcome to the 61st regular episode of the Play On Target podcast (PLOT for short). This episode is about innovative games. Some games are the first to feature certain mechanics or ideas while other games made those elements sing.

What did we leave out? Tell us in the comments or start a discussion on RPG Geek.

Things mentioned in this episode:
  1. Castle Falkenstein
  2. Mouse Guard
  3. Glorantha
  4. Marvel Super Heroes
  5. Dogs in the Vineyard
  6. Apocalypse World
  7. Ars Magica
  8. Fiasco
  9. Amber Diceless
  10. ADRPG/Lords of Gossamer & Shadow GM Jam
  11. Fate
  12. Fudge
  13. Classic World of Darkness

You can contact us at Hosts@PlayOnTarget.com or you can send us a private geekmail on the RPGGeek website; our usernames are lorddillon (Sam), Vaklam (Brian), edige23 (Lowell), and MasterGeek (Andrew).

You can also follow the podcast on Twitter @PlayOnTarget

Follow each of the hosts at @DMSamuel (Sam), @GeekworldOnline (Andrew), @Edige23 (Lowell), and @Vaklam (Brian)

The music played at the beginning and end of the podcast is Dance of Fire – Bolero in A minor by Sinfonia Electronique. You can find more great music on the podsafe music network at music.mevio.com. The d20 logo is by the awesome Joe Kundlak, a.k.a. joeyeti on RPG Geek.

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2 Responses

  • Matthew Tuell says:

    I love you guys to death, but this one was a little frustrating to listen to. I guess I’m used to people describing things as “ahead of their time” specifically as a way of explaining failure (or mediocre performance) in the marketplace, whereas for you guys it seems like just another way to say that something is or was innovative. I wanted more discussion of games like Castle Falkenstein and Ars Magica, and less of FATE and World of Darkness. Not that it wasn’t an interesting discussion anyway, but I couldn’t help feeling like an opportunity was lost to focus on forgotten or otherwise neglected gems whose contributions to the hobby may have gone under appreciated (like Heritage Games’ Swordbearer).

  • JGray says:

    Thank you for covering Castle Falkenstein! Fat Goblin Games, with the permission of R. Talsorian, is in the process of reviving the line. We’re finishing up the first book in the line, Curious Creatures, right now.


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